Pu coated gloves productline



PU coated gloves are also called PU rubber coated gloves or PU finger or palm gloves. According to its performance, it can be divided into two types: ordinary type and anti-static type. Gloves are fully coated with specially treated polyurethane to provide excellent skid resistance and prevent sweat and particulate contamination of the human hand.


The finger or palm of knitted nylon gloves is coated with PU resin, which not only increases the anti-skid performance but also increases the heat insulation performance. It is an indispensable product of precision electronic production line.
1.PU coating has acid and alkali resistance, which can effectively prevent sliding, avoid slipping when grabbing articles, and avoid residual fingerprint, improve productivity.
2. Anti-pollution, anti-slip, anti-heat, wear resistance, easy to absorb sweat, good air permeability.
3. Because it is very elastic, it makes the user feel more fit to the hand.





80% dust-free nylon yarn and 20% high performance copper fiber/carbon fiber woven;

Fingers or palms coated with PU resin.


1. Conductive resin is added to PU coating to achieve the best antistatic effect, which can avoid direct contact with electrostatic sensitive components by operators' fingers, and can safely release the static charge of human body carried by operators.

2. Good skid resistance and wear resistance.

3. Good air permeability, washable.

Post time: Jan-24-2022