OEM Flock-Lining Household Rubber Gloves Orange Hand Latex Safety Work Gloves for Dishwashing Cleaning

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  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS – Perfect for dishwashing, pool maintenance, cleaning, kitchen using, working, painting, gardening, pet caring, and any household duties.
  • FLEXIBLE & ANTI-SLIP MATERIAL - Made with highly flexible rubber for great comfort & dexterity
  • Model: RHX-2

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Embossed palm for excellent grip. They smelled a bit rubbery and chemical-like when you first took them out of the packaging. But after airing them out they will be fine.  Allergic people or people sensitive to rubber smell should use in caution.

HEAT PROTECTION & COLD RESISTANT - 100g extra thickness latex gloves for better wear-resistant

Protect Your hands during dishwashing and other household chores with these premium and reusable multi-purpose Cleaning gloves. Experience a perfect fit with our perfect flex design for enhanced grip and comfort. Earned the good Housekeeping seal

Textured palm and fingertips. Improves grip while handling wet objects

USE & CARE - There are three pairs in the box which will meet your different needs. Rinse gloves and air dry after use. Avoid flames and direct sunlight. Keep these reusable gloves in cool and dry place can extend their lifespan.

Make your housework easier, and make the world cleaner. Should you have any questions about the product or after-sale service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for support and advice!

NON-SLIP DESIGN - Non-slip embossed palm and finger surface increases friction and offers a better grip and control to wet and greasy dishes and gadget during cleaning. A flocked lining also help tackle your cleaning and household activities flexibly and conveniently.

Household Essential: waterproof & durable, protect you against hot water and harsh chemicals. Perfect for household cleaning, dishwashing, gardening etc.

Right length &Thickness: not only keep your arms dry and prevent water from dropping down into the gloves, but maintains the hands moving dexterously.

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