2022 Latex Gloves Manufacturing Technique

Production process of latex gloves:

1, wash the mold, wash the ceramic mold with water;

2. Dip the ceramic mold in calcium water, so that calcium ions are evenly distributed on the surface of the ceramic mold;

3. Dry the ceramic mold dipped in calcium water;

4. Dip latex, dip the dried ceramic mold in the latex, and cover the surface of the ceramic mold with a layer of latex to form latex gloves;

5. Edging, roll the ceramic mold of step 4 through the edging mechanism to roll the opening of the latex gloves;

6. Dry, dry the latex gloves after crimping, remove the moisture on the surface of the latex gloves;

7. Drain, soak the dried latex gloves in hot water and take them out;

8, dry curing;

9. Cool the latex gloves in step 8 in cold water.

10, demoulding, the latex gloves from the ceramic mold off, complete the production of latex gloves.

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Post time: Jan-12-2022