Latex Household Gloves Show

Latex gloves: a kind of gloves, which are different from ordinary gloves and are made of latex. It can be used as household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, and is an essential hand protection product. The latex gloves are made of natural latex and other fine auxiliaries. The products are specially surface treated and comfortable to wear. They are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.

The production process of latex gloves is as follows:
1. Washing the mold: Wash the glove mold made of ceramic material with water.
2. Immersion in calcium water: Immerse the ceramic glove mold in calcium water to evenly distribute calcium ions on the surface of the ceramic mold.
3. Drying: Dry the ceramic glove mold soaked in calcium water.
4. Dip latex: Dip the dried ceramic mold in natural rubber latex, so that the surface of the ceramic mold is covered with a layer of latex to form the prototype of latex gloves.
5. Crimping: Pass the ceramic glove mold soaked in latex through the crimping mechanism to crimp the opening of the latex glove.
6. Drying: Dry the rolled latex gloves to remove the moisture on the surface of the latex gloves.
7. Leaching: soak the dried latex gloves in hot water and take them out.
8. Dry vulcanization.
9. Water cooling: Immerse the dried and vulcanized latex gloves in cold water to cool.
10. Mold release: Take off the latex gloves from the ceramic mold, and a pair of latex gloves is produced.

Our gloves are mainly used for kitchen cleaning at home. They are fashionable and practical, with multiple colors and styles to choose from. In addition to what we show, you can also choose to customize other colors, styles and logos.

RHH-1: There are eight colors to choose from, they are: brown, gray, dark green, light green, light purple, light blue, light pink, orange, the length is 30-33 cm, the regular thickness, all solid colors gloves.
RHH-2: Two-color stitching gloves, available in pink+white, light pink+white, light green+white and green+white, four stitching colors, about 32cm in length, regular thickness.
RHH-3: There are five colors of red, pink, natural color, mint green, and dark green. The length is an extended 38 cm, and the regular thickness.


Post time: Aug-03-2022