LD-14 Sheepskin Riding Gloves

Sheepskin Riding Gloves


Application: Suitable for hand protection on construction sites, welding, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, gardening, riding, firefighting and loading.

Function: Head-layer sheepskin, non-slip, wear-resistant and comfortable, flexible in use, puncture-proof Hand protection, etc.
Special services: In addition to the colours we show, we can also support customisation with other colours, packaging and logos.

Origin of gloves: Guangdong, China

Material of the gloves: Sheepskin

Length of gloves: approx. 21-25 cm

Glove lining: unlined

Glove size One size fits all

Glove colour: yellow, white with blue trim, white with black trim

Glove weight: approx. 90g

Packaging: 1 pair / bag


Post time: May-11-2023