LGC-2 Fleece Lined Latex Household Gloves

 Fleece Lined Latex Household Gloves


 1. Textured palm design for non-slip fit.

 2. Easy to wear with curl technology and no tearing on the sides

 3. Please rinse and dry with water after use and keep in a ventilated place.

 4. Do not expose gloves to direct sunlight

 Application: Suitable for use in homework, factories, hospitals, research, hotels, toilets, aquatic products processing, floor cleaning, bathrooms, car washing and other industries.

 Function: The outer layer is of high quality and is waterproof, oil resistant, elastic, non-slip, durable, comfortable, soft and easy to put on.

 Special services: In addition to the gloves we show, we can also customise other colours and packaging.

 Product material: Latex

 Product length: 32cm

 Glove weight: approx. 70g

 Packaging: 1 pair/bag

 Colours: yellow, pink, light green

 Size: S, M, L



Post time: Apr-08-2023