PVC Dotted Cotton Gloves Show

PVC Dotted Cotton Gloves/Cotton Yarn Point Plastic Gloves:

  • Point plastic gloves are named according to their technology (glove + point plastic) and the anti-slip function of gloves. It is suitable for hand safety protection in daily work protection, machinery manufacturing, auto repair, shipbuilding, metallurgy, forestry, ports, mines, construction, handling, fire loading and unloading and other workplaces.

Features of Our Gloves:

Material: white cotton yarn/bleached cotton yarn/wool yarn/lampshade cotton/polyester/nylon glove core+PVC dotted plastic 

Product Description: Single/Double/Custom Patterned Cotton Yarn Beaded Gloves, Knitted Cuffs with Overlock

Special Service: in addition to the following styles, other styles and logos can be customized

Color: In addition to the 7 colors in the picture below, other colors can also be customized

Function: better anti-skid and more wear-resistant than ordinary cotton glove

Weight: 50g-100g/pair

Length: 23cm-26cm


Post time: Sep-07-2022