RIH-1 Latex Glossy Black Industrial Gloves

Latex Glossy Black Industrial Gloves


 1. Smooth surface.

 2. Rolled edge technology for easy donning and do not tear easily at the edges

 3. After use, please rinse and dry with water and place in a ventilated area.

 4. Do not place gloves in direct sunlight.

 5. Suitable for a wide range of workplaces.

 Applications: Widely used in chemical industry, heavy industry, fishing and other fields

 Special services: In addition to the gloves we show, we can also customise other weights, lengths and packaging.

 Product material: latex

 Product length: 32-37 cm

 Glove weight: 75g – 200g (different weights can be made)

 Specification: 1 pair/bag, 120 pairs/box

 Colour: orange inside, black outside

 Size: These gloves are evenly sized, all 10 yards (plus size)



Post time: Mar-21-2023