Green Diamond Texture Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves Reusable Heavy Duty Industrial Safety Work Gloves Without Lining

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  • DURABLE MATERIALS – The ergonomically shaped reusable work gloves are made of premium nitrile, have excellent elasticity and durability, offer high resistance to chemicals, acid, alkali, solvent, and mechanical risks, also can maintain the high performance for the oily environment.
  • Model: NL-2

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MULTIPURPOSE - The NBR work gloves are latex free, better solutions for people with sensitive skin. They are ideal for handling chemicals industry, petrochemical, mechanical manufacturing, mining, agriculture, farm, gardening, construction, automotive industry, forestry, car washing, household cleaning and more.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves

Industrial / HouseholdOil acid and alkali resistant

Good flexibilit

Good flexibilit

Anti-slip / waterproof / recyclable

Why Choose Nitrile?

The production technology of nitrile gloves has been updated rapidly in recent years, and the new production technology represented by the single-sided two-handed mold process has greatly improved the production efficiency, which also makes the new entrants have obvious late-mover advantages.At the same time, the investment cost of nitrile glove production line is higher than that of PVC gloves, and there are fewer professional employees, so the capital and technical threshold of nitrile glove industry is high.However, with the stable and rapid development of China's industry and the advent of industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, labor law and other laws and regulations have gradually strengthened the protection of workers, and enterprises have significantly increased their investment in labor protection products. Nitrile gloves have become a priority for enterprises when choosing gloves.In the medical field, as 12% to 30% of the population is allergic to latex, the government and relevant institutions to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients, the use of nitrile gloves is gradually increasing.According to the data, China has become the world's leading consumer of nitrile butadiene rubber after the United States and Japan.According to CNKI, demand for nitrile gloves is increasing by more than 10% a year.Nitrile gloves have great potential in the future market both at home and abroad.


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