Wholesale Anti Oil Cotton Liner Knit Wrist Working Pvc Fully Coated Industrial Hand Protection Gloves

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  • Amber colored PVC coating with 100% cotton knit backing
  • Knit wrist – prevents unwanted materials inside the glove
  • Wing thumb – extra comfort and wearability
  • PVC coating provides excellent economical resistance to most oils, fats, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Model: PL-1

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Single-dipped plastic gloves comes with knit wrist and interlock lining

This glove palm and back is made of single-dipped PVC fabric

It features 3-Inch knit wrist with smooth finish

Comes with wing thumb type with interlock lining

Available in black and red color and large size

Dip gloves are suitable for automobile manufacturing industry, battery manufacturing industry;FRP industry, aircraft assembly;Aerospace field;Environmental cleaning and cleaning.Latex gloves with wear resistance, piercing;Acid and alkali resistance, grease, fuel oil and a variety of solvents;Has a wide range of chemical resistance, oil prevention effect is good;Approved by FDA.Soak gloves feature unique fingertip texture design, greatly enhance grip strength, effectively prevent slipping;Palmless patent design, uniform dipping, enhanced protection;Unique hand design with cotton lining for enhanced comfort.

Seamless brushed Terry cloth liner insulation keeps hands warm

Specially formulated PVC flexes for dexterity and is waterproof and chemical resistant

Stays flexible to -5 degrees F and has a Sandpaper texture for excellent wet dry grip

Heavy-weight knitted fleece lining

Heavy-weight knitted fleece lining

PVC Gloves

PVC Gloves

As we all know, protective gloves are devices that are used to keep our hands safe.Why, you may ask, are they called protective gloves?Does it have a function that other gloves don't?Yes, it deserves the name because it has special protective features that other gloves don't have.Different protective gloves can be used in different places because of their functions.Because of its special performance, so when we use it, we should do the corresponding protection measures, otherwise it will not have its own protective function, and other ordinary gloves are no different.Because the protection feature is very important to it, we should pay attention to it when we buy and use it

Anti oil cotton liner knit wrist working pvc fully coated industrial gloves (4)
Anti oil cotton liner knit wrist working pvc fully coated industrial gloves (1)
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