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  • AVOID THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF YELLOW STAINS: These gloves will never dye your hands with yellow or orange stains because they are made with CHROME FREE tanning leather and high-quality INNER LINING will absorb sweat during work and keep your hand dry & warm.
  • Model:LD-15

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WELL MADE & HOLD UP WELL FOR TOUGH WORK: They hold up to heavy Jobs! tough men’s work gloves for outside jobs or you can use for everything around the house that actually last! Made from 100% genuine Italian leather which lasts a long time that will protect your hands from blisters, abrasions, splinters and prickly weeds or prickly pear cactus.


PLEASANT SMELL WITHOUT STRONG CHEMICAL ODOR: Eco-Friendly Italian cow leather has been manufactured without using chromium in the tanning process which gives a soothing scent of leather instead of chemical petro smelling.



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