Yellow Cow Leather Gloves Outdoor Sport AB Grade Driver Protective Gloves for Motorcycle Gardening

Short Description:

  • NO DEER WERE HARMED – 100% Synthetic Vegan Leather
  • NATURAL MOVEMENT – Keystone thumb design.
  • SNUG FEEL – Cinched elastic comfort fit back on wrist. Also helps keep out dirt and debris.
  • DRIVER STYLE – Excellent for gardening, landscaping, general duty, construction, and of course, driving
  • Special Service: Custom leather materials are accepted
  • Model: LD-6


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A good sheepskin is worth 45 to 50 percent of the total value of a live sheep.Therefore, the scientific production of high quality sheepskin is very important.

1. Correct slaughter

The skin was cut about 17 centimeters lengthwise across the neck of the sheep, and then the air tube was cut through the knife's main incision by force, and the blood vessels were cut off to bleed.Be careful not to contaminate the fur with blood. Immediately after bleeding, skin should be peeled.

2. Peel the skin skillfully

It is best to flay the sheep while their body temperature is still low.Put the sheep on a grooved wooden board, with the tip of the knife in the midline of the abdomen first to open the cortex, continue along the midline of the chest to the lip of the lower palate, and then back along the midline to the anus, and then from the two forelimbs and two hind legs inside cut two horizontal lines, until the hooves, perpendicular to the longitudinal line of the chest and abdomen.The cortex that picks along chest abdomen department with a knife next is stripped to inside 8 centimeters or so, next one hand pulls the skin edge that chest abdomen department picks, one hand beats flesh with fist, pull at the same time, beat at the same time, peel very quickly come down.


3. shave finishing

Peel off the fresh skin, use a blunt knife to scrape the meat scraps, fat, coagulation, impurities and so on on the skin board, be careful not to scratch the skin board.Then remove lips, ear flesh, claw flap, coccyx and hinder skin shape neat horn edge, etc.Secondly, finishing the skin shape, according to the natural shape and scalability of the skin to stretch the parts of the flat stretch, make the skin uniform square, become the habit of skin natural shape.

4. Dry storage

The peel is salted and dried to prevent spoilage.


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